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Book Survey

If you have purchased one or more of our publications we would like to hear your views so that we may develop publications that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.
Check any of the following that apply:
    It helped me understand the subject
    It was timely and relevant to the issues I had
    I am able to my job better as a result of reading your books
    It has enabled me to make effective improvements
    The price was about right
    The layout was practical
    I still refer to the book from time to time
    I have recommended your books to others
On which subjects would you find publications useful:
    Process management?
    Improvement techniques?
    Running improvement meetings?
    Customer satisfaction measurement?
    Understanding stakeholder needs?
    How to satisfy stakeholders?
    How to carry out process audits?
    How to design a process based management system?
What type of publication format would you find most useful
Any other comments you would like to make?
All contact information we retain is governed by our Privacy Policy
We do not sell, distribute or otherwise disclose your details to other parties.

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Last amended 24/08/2013
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