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Business processes
Business cycle
Vision, mission and values
Stakeholder Analysis
Challenging top management
Organization Model
Mission management
Resource management
Demand creation
Demand fulfilment
Business Results

Challenging top management

All organizations have a statement of what they are trying to do. This we call the MISSION.

Clarifying the mission
If you were to pose the questions below to the management team, would you get a clear direction?

  • What business are we in?

  • What business will we be in if we continue on our present course?

  • What business should we be in?

Identifying stakeholders and their needsThe Stakeholders place demands on organizations

The stakeholders are those parties that contribute to the organizations wealth creating capacity. If you were to pose the questions below to the management team, would you be confident that stakeholder needs and expectations were clearly understood?

  • Who the stakeholders are?

  • What demands they place upon the business?

  • How the stakeholders measure success?

Determining the results What's the missing piece?
If you were to ask the management team how performance is measured would it know

  • What measures were used to determine success?

  • What methods of measurement were used?

  • How the integrity of the results was assured?

Managing the business processes
If you were to ask the management team how the results were achieved, would it know:The Business cycle

  • Which processes produces the results?
  • What the objectives of these processes were?
  • What resources were needed for each process to deliver the required results?

If you were to ask the management team about goal and process alignment could they explain:

  • How the business objectives relate to the mission and stakeholder needs?

  • How the business activities ?align with the business objectives?

  • How results are aligned to the stakeholder needs and expectations?


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