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Converting a quality management system using the process approach

Converting a QMS using the Process ApproachDavid Hoyle & John Thompson
Hardback from £9.99
2nd Edition: Oct 2001
Pages: 190
Size: 209mm x 145mm
Format: Hardback

ISBN 1-903417-07-4
evised and enhanced as a result of  response from readers and users, together with our own experience of assisting organisations to understand and meet the challenge of ISO 9000:2000 this new edition provide more know-how on turning your old quality management system into a Business Management System The book shows how to link policy and objectives, identify and describe the processes that will achieve the objectives and use the 8 Quality Management Principles to secure success. Brimming with lots of diagrams and flow charts, this publication is a real must for those who would like their management system to improve the bottom line.

Sample Pages from

Chapter 1 .pdf 110KB   Chapter 4 .pdf 116KB
Chapter 6 .pdf 119KB   Chapter 8 .pdf 97KB


Roger Frost Press and Communications Officer ISO - Geneva says in ISO 9000+14000 News

The “conformity approach” evolving to the “process approach” to produce “business benefits”: “a real change in direction” – is the message of the cover of this second book by the same authors.

With at least 350 000 quality systems worldwide certified to a 1994 version of the ISO 9000 standards, there is a big market for transition support material and consultancy. The authors position their own offer as follows, “The purpose of this guide is to help organizations convert their existing quality management systems of documentation into systems of managed processes that deliver business results.”

The book’s chapter headings give a clear indication of the authors’ clearly though out path: a real change in direction processes versus procedures, the conversion process, planning for change, modelling the business, organizing process development teams, process analysis, system construction, conversion complete? – rounded off by appendices presenting sample flow charts for business processes and for work processes.

Lawrence Alnwick of Hayes Clinical Support Services England, says for the first edition ~  Without it, I would be lost in the jungle of ISO 9000, 
With the year 2000 version of ISO 9000 a fundamental change has taken place, The standard is now based on eight principles of quality management. The 2000 version has been rewritten and is now clearly focusing on customers. If you have a quality system written around the old 1994 standard, then you may have to convert it so that it reflects a process approach to quality management.

If like me you have a problem getting your head around the processes approach principle, then I would highly recommend you read the following book "Converting a Quality Management System using the Process Approach" written by David Hoyle and John Thompson. The book is written in a language, which is easy to understand and follow.

They explain within eight chapters how you can go from a system using a procedure approach to using a process approach. There are two appendixes showing sample flow charts for business processes and work processes.

The book may only have 102 pages, but it is jammed packed with solid useful information. After reading this book, you should have a good understanding on how to construct a quality management system using the processes approach principle. If you are Quality professional then you should have this on your desk.

Buy now from


  • Identification of business processes

  • Linking policies, objectives and processes

  • Use of quality management principles

  • Process mapping techniques

  • Differences between procedures and processes

  • Key steps in the conversion

  • Summaries of old and new approach

  • Key learning outcomes

  • Review criteria
      Translated into Italian and published by UNI We have a small number of these in stock. Please contact us if you wish to purchase.

Translated into Spanish and published by AENOR We have a small number of these in stock. Please contact us if you wish to purchase.

Translated into Swedish and published by SIS Forlag AG. We have a small number of these in stock. Please contact us if you wish to purchase.

Translated into Korean and published by KFQ. We have a small number of these in stock. Please contact us if you wish to purchase.


  • A real change in direction

  • Process versus procedures

  • Quality management principles

  • The conversion process

  • Planning the change

  • Modelling the Business

  • Organizing Process Development Teams

  • Process Analysis

  • System construction

  • System validation

  • Over 30 process flow charts (Although we have to say that flow charting is not the process approach - it is simply one aspect of it)

Glenn Cargill CEO of the Ceramics Industry Certification Scheme UK, says of the first edition: "We felt the book provides an excellent reference to converting to a process based system and is worth twice the price - in fact we also use  the book as part of our formal training requirements for all our auditors."

Jon Scrase, Quality Management Consultant, England says “If you are serious about the pursuit of quality, the process approach advocated lucidly and thoughtfully by Hoyle and Thompson is, in my experience, an excellent means for achieving it within an organisation.”  

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