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Glossary ~R~

Within this glossary we define nearly 300 terms used in quality management. Some are taken from international standards, others are commonly understood English definitions and most we have derived from experience . Use the search engine in the header to search for the term you are looking for or simply click on the appropriate letter below.

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Random failure - A failure which has a low probability of recurrence and which requires only remedial action to eliminate

Registrar - An organization that is authorized to certify organizations. The body may be accredited or non-accredited

Registration - A process of recording details of organizations of assessed capability that have satisfied prescribed standards

Regulator - A legal body authorised to enforce compliance with the laws and statutes of a national government

Regulatory requirements - Requirements established by law pertaining to products or services

Related results - Results that arise out of performing an activity or making a decision. In the context of quality activities they may be documents, records, approval and acceptance decisions, disapproval and reject decisions, products, processes

Remedial action - Action proposed or taken to remove nonconformity (see also corrective and preventive action)

Repair - Action taken on a nonconforming product to make it acceptable for the intended use. Repair includes remedial action taken on a previously conforming product to restore it for use. (ISO 9000 clause 3.6.9)

Representative sample - A sample of product or service that possesses all the characteristics of the batch from which it was taken

Requirement of the standard - A sentence containing the word shall. N.B Some sentences contain multiple requirements such as to establish, document and maintain. This is in fact three requirements. For more on ISO 9000:2000 see Quality System Handbook

Requirements for quality - An expression of the needs or their translation into a set of quantitatively or qualitatively stated requirements for the characteristics of an entity to enable its realization and examination (ISO 8402)

Requirements of society - Obligations resulting from law, regulations, rules, codes, statutes and other considerations (ISO 8402)

Responsibility - An area in which one is entitled to act on one's own accord. Whether or not responsibility is specifically assigned, one is responsible for the results of one’s actions unless of unsound mind

Review - Another look at something

Rework - Action taken on a nonconforming product to make it conform to requirements (ISO 9000 clause 3.6.7)

Risk assessment - A means to identify potential risks arising from the use of a product or service or the operation of a process or business and investigate means by which their impact can be reduce or eliminated. Particular types of risk assessment include Failure Modes Analysis, Hazards Analysis or HACCP.


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