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ISO 9000 Quality System Handbook  ~ 6th Edition

David Hoyle
Sixth Edition May 2009
Pages: 802 
Size: 240mm X 165mm
ISBN 978-1-85617-684-2
Publisher: Elsevier Science and Technology. A Butterworth Heinemann Book
pdated for ISO 90
01:2008, and revised to reflect contemporary ideas in systems and process thinking.  This is an essential guide to enable organizations understand and satisfy ISO 9001:2008 requirements and apply the principles upon which they are based. It covers all requirements in ISO 9001 in terms of their meaning, need and implementation. It includes compliance and improvement questionnaires, tips for implementers, process flow charts and a glossary of terms. It portrays concepts, ideas and solutions  which enable readers to interpret the requirements as they were intended  - to improve performance and not as a means to put 'a badge on the wall'.  Practical and educational - focusing on the topics that are at the heart of quality management



  • Principles, concepts and guidance on quality management

  • All 262 requirements analysed in depth

  • What it means

  • Why it's important

  • How to demonstrate conformity

  • Tables, flow charts, hits & tips

  • Case studies

  • Chapter previews

  • Context diagrams for each group of requirements

  • Key messages from each of the 8 parts

  • Food for thought

  • Questionnaires and maturity model

  • Bibliography

New in the 6th Edition

  • 116 more pages

  • A new structure of 8 parts and 40 chapters that is easier to navigate. Each page you open you will see the Part number and title as well as the Chapter number and title

  • New chapters on the Process Approach, Systems Approach and Behavioural Approach to quality

  • New chapters on System Assessment and certification

  • New chapters on using the standards, stakeholders and flawed approaches to the application of ISO 9001

  • EU Directives and ISO 9001

  • New process descriptions for core business processes

  • The concept of Integrated Management Systems and its relationship with ISO 9000

  • 23 key questions to help you develop an effective management system

  • Clearer explanations of process interactions, corrective and preventive action, internal customers

Reviews of previous editions

John Colebrook, Director of Enhanced Operating Systems Ltd, New Zealand says: "David Hoyle's handbook is THE definitive reference source for understanding and implementing ISO 9000 and the principles of contemporary quality management. No other book comes close to matching its detailed, reliable, forward thinking explanations and models that will coach you to achieve breakthrough business performance."

Tony Brown Chair of CQI Standards Development Group and UK Expert to TC 176 says: "Very comprehensive, easy to follow and contains material to answer any questions that may arise...probably the most technically competent book on this subject with the right balance between text, charts and tables."

Roland Kelly former Vice President Eagle Registrations California says: This is simply the BEST book authored by far on the subject of ISO9000 ! Hoyle's fourth edition even surpasses its predecessors in its content, presentation and accuracy without the hype. Every Quality Professional should have it and all of David Hoyle's books firmly on their desks ! Don't leave home without it ! Roland Kelly California USA

Momentum Magazine says "The definitive text on how to implement a quality management system 'the right way'. Written in plain English. A great read.(2002) "

Quality World, says "With its emphasis throughout on process improvement, the book is a must for anyone in the business of implementing or interpreting ISO 9001:2000 and, more importantly, looking to gain added value and enhanced organisational performance from it." (2002)

Lawrence Alnwick, Hayes Clinical Support Services England says: Gives you a complete understanding of the new requirements
I was first introduced to David Hoyle back in 1994 with his first ISO 9000 Quality System Handbook, I found the book so well written that I had no problem understanding what was required to implement a Quality Management System that would give results. Yes, when the third edition came out in 1998, I obtained a copy, and I was not disappointed, the third edition explained the new requirement in a language I could understand.

Then in 1999 it all changed again with the new version of ISO 9000:2000. The 20 elements having been swept aside, to be replaced with 5 sections. We have moved from the procedure to the process approach to quality management.

In October 2000 David Hoyle released his fourth edition of ISO 9000 Quality System Handbook. The book details the 5 sections so well that you cannot but understand what is required of the new standard. Within each clause of each section there is a an explanation of what it means, why it is necessary and how it is implemented. Each section ends with a summary, Questionnaire and a food for thought page.

Anybody who is serious about implementing ISO 9000:2000 should have a copy at hand, I have only had mine since October and is already well thumped. A must, for all quality professionals.


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