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Quality Management ~ Essentials

David Hoyle
First Edition December 2006
Pages: 200 
Size: 234mm X 156mm
ISBN 0-7506-6787-90
Publisher: Elsevier Science and Technology

Kindle Edition


  • Fundamental concepts, principles, tools and techniques of quality management.

  • Easily understandable explanations.

  • Arguments for and against that will change perceptions

  • Bulleted lists and explanations of the key stages

  • The process approach explained in detail


    Contents List

  • Introduction to quality

  • Achieving sustaining and improving quality

  • A systems approach

  • Managing quality using ISO 9000

  • How ISO 90000 made us think about quality

  • Managing quality using the process approach

  • Making the case for managing quality more effectively

  • Food for thought

  • Glossary

  • Bibliography

A reviewer of my Automotive Quality System Handbook remarked "The first three chapters alone are worth the cost of the book. They explain the process approach in terms easily understood and applied to any quality management system" So this is what I decided to do - Take out and split the first three chapters covering the basic concepts of quality management, create a small chapter on ISO 9000 and then add a new chapter  that consolidated many new and old concepts and principles on process management. All these concepts and principles are not much use if you don't have a clue as to how to convince your boss or anyone else to apply them. So this book would not be complete without guidance on presenting the case for quality improvement. Covering four case studies the book goes through identifying and proving the need, preparing the material and presenting the case with hints and tips to help you on your journey.


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