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The new aerospace quality management  system requirements

In our AS9100 consulting room we answer some basic questions and provide links to further resources:

What is AS9100?
What does it apply to?
What is its purpose?
How will it do this?

What is the IAQG?
How does it differ from ISO 9001?
We already have an ISO 9001:2008 certificate so what else do we have to do?

We don't have any formal QMS so what should we do?

What is AS9100? ..top

AS9100 is one of a suite of industry consensus standards that define the appropriate quality management system requirements for the suppliers at all Tiers within the aerospace supply chain. It was first published by the IAQG in 1999 and the current revision (AS9100C, EN9100:2009) was published in 2009. It incorporates all the requirements of  ISO 9001:2008.

What do these standards apply to? ..top

AS9100 applies to manufacturers of aerospace equipment. AS 9120 applies to stockists of aerospace equipment and components and AS9110 applies to organizations carrying out maintenance of aerospace equipment.

What is its purpose? ..top

AS9100 has been created to improve quality and safety and decrease costs incurred by organization-unique requirements and the resultant variation inherent in these multiple expectations.

How will it do this? ..top

There are four stages in this programme.

  1. Aerospace manufacturers will require their suppliers demonstrate compliance with the requirements of AS9100.

  2. Suppliers may need to change the way they manage their aerospace operations to meet the requirements of AS9100

  3. The supplier's QMS will need to be assessed by an IAQG accredited registrar and found compliant with all applicable requirements

  4. The supplier will need to maintain certification for as long as it chooses to supply into the aerospace industry.

What is the IAQG? ..top

The aerospace industry established the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) in 1998 for the purpose of achieving significant improvements in quality and safety, and reductions in cost, throughout the value stream. This organization includes representation from aerospace companies in the Americas, Asia/Pacific, and Europe.

How does it differ from ISO 9001? ..top

Additional requirements include:

  • Interfaces with regulatory organizations
  • Configuration management
  • A number of additional expectations during the design and development activity, including added verification and validation activities
  • Enhanced control of changes during the production processes
    Additional control of production equipment, tools used to produce and control the product and computer aided production and test equipment
  • Specific controls for those supplying products, processes and services
  • Attention to the verification of the initial products to assure that they conform and that the processes producing them are significantly robust to assure continuing compliance
  • Additional records requirements including inspection documentation.

We already have an ISO 9001:2008 certificate so what else do we have to do? ..top

There are about 107 additional requirements in AS9100C many of which will be familiar to those in the aerospace industry. First read our AS9100C Implementation Guide  then download our AS9100C Analysis tool then notify us of your top 10 issues  using our contact form.

We don't have any formal QMS so what should we do? ..top

It depends on how your organization is managed. Of 357 requirements in AS9100C, 122 come from ISO 9001:2008 and these are the ones that will have the greatest impact. Your best solution is to consult some of our e-books such as:
Finding the right place to start

A guide to process management.




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