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Business Process Management

A Business process is a process that deliver business outputs. Processes arise out of identifying the factors upon which accomplishment of the organization's mission depend. Therefore: 

  • If our success depends upon the safety of our products, then we need safety objectives and a process for supplying safe products

  • If our success depends upon securing the integrity of information entrusted to us by our customers, then we need security objectives and a process for securing the integrity of information

  • If our success depends upon the impact our operations have on the environment, we need environmental objectives and a process for minimizing environmental impacts

  • If our success depends on the supply of resources from other organizations then we need  resource acquisition objectives and a resource acquisition process

  • If our success depends upon innovation we need innovation objectives and an innovation process

  • If our success depends upon maintaining good relations with the unions, we need industrial relations objectives and a process for maintaining industrial relations

  • If our success depends upon our ability to conceive competitive design solutions then we need design objectives and a product and service design process

Therefore, if something is critical to our success, we should set objectives and design processes for their achievement.

However, we might think our success depends on a whole range of things but how do we know whether we are not simply being imaginative or identifying genuine business processes? The solution rests with the Stakeholder Analysis a topic that is addressed in A Guide to Business Process Management

This is a list of business and work processes that are typical of many organizations. Some process may not apply due to the nature of the organization's objectives. Click on the blue text to reveal or collapse the levels. Follow the links on the left for Process Descriptions for the core business processes. Also flow diagrams for many other processes are contained in our publication Converting a Quality Management System using the Process Approach  

  • Mission management process
    • Scan Environment
    • Develop Strategy
    • Develop Processes
    • Review Performance
  • Demand creation process
    • Develop new product/service Requirements
    • Develop new products and services
    • Promote products and services
    • Convert Enquiries
  • Demand fulfilment process
    • Plan production
    • Produce Product/ Deliver Service
    • Distribute Product
    • Service Product
  • Resource management process
    • Resource planning process
      • Financial planning
      • Human resource planning
      • Physical resource planning
        • Materials
        • Equipment
        • Facilities
    • Resource acquisition process
      • Funding process 
      • Human resource acquisition
        • Personnel recruitment
        • Personnel transfer
      • Physical resource acquisition
        • Purchasing
        • Real estate management
    • Resource deployment process
      • Human resource 
      • Inventory management
      • Asset management
    • Resource maintenance process
      • Cost accounting
        • Credit control
        • Debt control
        • Payroll
      • Human resource development
        • Education
        • Training
        • Competence assessment
      • Physical resource maintenance
        • Measuring device maintenance
        • Plant maintenance
    • Resource disposal process
      • Human resource termination
      • Equipment disposal
      • Material disposal
      • Asset disposal

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