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29 Steps to developing a process based management system
(A concise guide for management system developers and auditors)

EB006 Price 10.00 9 pages in PDF format 
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A learning tool  - not a prescription because survival depends on changing habits not getting badges.

From defining the Organization's Purpose and Mission to confirming Regulatory Compliance, 29 Steps ' presents in clear and succinct language a series of actions for Executives and Managers to take in re-engineering their management system to deliver stakeholders satisfaction.  At each step of the way there are primary questions to prompt an action or the disclosure of information. Questions that challenge the organization to come up with the answers they know they should have. Questions that have been used successfully over 20 years in large and small organizations to discover the barriers to reaching higher levels of performance. The Primary Questions can also be used to test the robustness of the approach taken and would therefore be useful to auditors.

This guide distils the essence of previous works published by Transition Support and consolidates many of the learning points into a sequence of 29 steps.

If you are uncertain about the process approach, it is recommended that our introductory guide Finding the Right Place to Start is read before taking the first step in developing a process based management system. You need to understand the context for the approach taken in this guide to be used effectively.


Here is a sample of the 110 questions that prompt the 29 actions:

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