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Effective Nonconformity Reporting

EB008 Price 7.50 6 pages in pdf format
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It is not uncommon to find that nonconformity reports fail to contain sufficient information to prevent recurrence of the problem to which they refer - those who write them being focused purely on fixing the current problem. With a little foresight, nonconformities don't need to recur - they can be eliminated for good.

With this guide to reporting nonconformities, users will be able to

  • determine whether problems, issues, failures, errors etc are nonconformities

  • understand the difference between concerns and nonconformities

  • find alternative terms if the term 'nonconformity' is inappropriate

  • determine what information needs to be collected to eliminate the nonconformity and prevent recurrence

  • write effective nonconformity statements

  • design a nonconformity report that captures the essential information

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