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A Guide to Business Process Management

EB011 Price 15.00 30 pages in PDF format  
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This is the ground breaking publication on process management you have been waiting for.

Its a practical and instructional guide that will change the way you think about processes.

Between the pages you will find logical arguments, key questions and the answers in the form of real life examples that we challenge anyone not to find helpful in driving through any business improvement initiative.

Here is an extract to judge the content.

Many books on this subject place a lot of emphasis on process mapping as though depicting a process as a series of connected shapes describes how processes are managed. In reality, the pictures only show  the sequence and interrelationship between activities carried out in a process. What they fail to do is show the relationship between the activities and the stakeholder needs and expectations and the behaviours and resources required to deliver outputs that satisfy stakeholder needs. Neither do they show how the process is managed in terms of the factors important to success, how and when performance is measured and improvement undertaken. In fact effective management of business processes has less to do with process mapping and more to do with understanding customer needs, deriving objectives from these needs and then ensuring what is done actually serves the achievement of these objectives.

With this book you will be able to:

  • Bring about a revolution in the way your business processes are managed

  • Bring the management system into focus as an enabler of business results

  • Identify the real business processes in your organization that deliver the business results

  • Learn to distinguish activities from processes, flow charts from processes, procedures from processes

  • Build an integrated management system that will satisfy any national or international management systems standard that exists today

  • Set process objectives that serve business goals

  • Set business goals that serve stakeholder needs and expectations

  • Design processes that deliver business outputs

  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of processes

  • Manage processes more effectively


"I think that this booklet should be compulsory for those senior management that still think that quality management has nothing to do with running their business".  Alan Shaw ~ UK

"I found a very clear and concise explanation of the concepts; the forestry example perfectly illustrated the ideas that were developed. I came out of the reading more aware of the real meaning of the process concepts. Great document!!"  Francis Derwael ~Belgium

"Your explanation on process approach is so unique and clear that I think my understanding on it has been substantially improved" Hiroo Matsuda ~ Japan

"This book enabled me to understand how to manage processes effectively" Young Chun Chae ~ South Korea

"The forestry example was very effective in illustrating the concepts" Jim Stoe ~ USA

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