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It rather depends on what you have described in your procedures. If your procedures follow the pattern above left and you were to represent sentences describing activities as a a flow chart you have simply replaced text with a diagram and it is a procedure in graphic form. If you subsequently renamed these documents as processes you would be guilty of a misjudgement.

Let us say the title of your document was Contract Review Procedure and you replace the activities section with a flow chart and rename it Contract Review Process, you will have achieved nothing except perhaps illustrated the sequence of activities. You may not have illustrated the interaction of activities unless you add links with other processes and activities. However, whatever the title you give it, it remains a procedure.

The approach has to be quite different. When writing a process description you set out with an objective and measures and describe how that objective will be achieved taking account of the constraints, resources and risks. (See also FAQ13 )

Why can't we simply add a flow chart as rename our procedures as processes?



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