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Assuming that what you want to do is to describe how a task should be performed to ensure it is carried out consistently each time there is certain information you need to convey to the people who will use it. Procedures should define who does what, why, where, when and how as appropriate. In deciding what should go into procedures one should limit them to defining the activities and decisions to be carried out and only prescribe how actions and decisions should be carried out where:

A typical structure is shown above right. There are variations on this theme with Objectives in place of purpose, References before Procedure and a section on Responsibilities. However, it should not be necessary to define responsibilities separately from the procedure text since the “who does what” should be stated in the text. By including a separate responsibility statement, you increase the probability of duplication and conflict. You can identify the functions to which the procedure is applicable in the scope and applicability statement.

When are procedures needed?