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How do I answer an auditor when he says "Show me your system?"

You ask the auditor to explain what they mean by "your system".

If the auditor wants to look at the quality manual, or the documentation you show him/her the quality manual, or the documentation.

If the auditor wants to see how you satisfy your customers, you can walk them around the plant showing them through the various stages from determining customer needs to surveying customers after delivery of product or service. You could also take them on a tour of your Business Management System Description if its laid out as processes.

If the auditor wants to know how you meet ISO 9001 show him your ISO 9001 Exposition (A response to the requirements - all 300 of them)

But don't automatically show the auditor your quality manual because what you are demonstrating is that you believe the system to be just a pile of paper and you wouldn't want to do that, would you?