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What is the process approach?

Whatever you set out to do you often have a choice as to the approach you take in doing it - a way of dealing with it. You can take a disciplined approach, a professional approach, a guarded approach, a benevolent approach, a charitable approach, structured approach; the list is endless.

Over the last few years an approach to doing things that views all work as a process has been adopted by many organizations. It is called the 'process approach' but as with all new initiatives, no sooner do they appear than alongside or even preceding them come a host of misconceptions like the messenger who reaches the King after news of the battle has broken - whatever the message it is immediately coloured by the perceptions already being formed, making it difficult to remove any bias present. Virgin ideas are therefore hard to create in people's minds.

The process approach to what?

Searching the web on the phrase 'process approach' will reveal a lot of material very little of which is concerned with business processes and much of it to do with teaching and writing. Here are some examples.

The process approach that is referred to in the ISO 9000 family of standards is the process approach to management work which implies there are different ways of management work and indeed there are.

See also Process based management systems

More information on this may be found in Chapter 9 of the ISO 9000 Quality Systems Handbook 7E



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