What are the results of a quality management system?

ISO 9001:2015 requires that the quality management system achieves its intended results but to understand what these results are we need to look at the bigger picture so we can put them in context. So to begin with let’s take a look a what we mean by business results and we cover these in another article. See Business Results

As the outputs of the quality management system are the products and services on which the organization depends for its success, rather than a “badge on the wall” organizations now need to start thinking of these as one of the customer results referred to above. If these outputs provide the benefits customers were expecting to get from ownership or use, then customer satisfaction will be another result of the QMS and this is illustrated in the diagram on page 11 of Selection and use of the ISO 9000 family of standards.

In addition, we can also deduce from Business Results that several of the key performance results are strongly influenced by the quality of the organizations products and services and the quality of the processes that determine and produce them.

The efficiency of the processes employed to produce the products and services will have a direct impact on the net profit,

The quality of product and service design will have a direct impact on turnover as more and more customers are delighted with their purchases.  

Transition from an ISO 9001 certificate to producs and services that deliver customer satisfaction
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