The Business Cycle

A system is set of components interconnected for a purpose. In a system it is the interplay between the parts that produce the outcome, therefore the performance of the whole results from the interactions of the parts and cannot be predicted by analysing each part separately.

When we take a systems approach to management it means that we view the organization as if it were a system and recognize that the performance of any part of the organization has some effect on the performance of the organization as a whole. It also follows that:

We can therefore not only view the organization as if it were a system but that this system is a set of interconnected processes by which the organization defines and achieves its goals  as illustrated below. (Pass your mouse over the graphic and follow the links)

If we regard the figure as a realistic portrayal of the business cycle and we view the organization as a collection of interconnected processes we can derive a clear context for business processes and can conclude that


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