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Quality Management for the Small Business

Winston Edwards and David Hoyle

First Edition August 2013


Pages: 67 

Size: 253mm X 178mm

ISBN 978-149-123--4976

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Quality Management for the Small Business" fills the entry level gap in the quality literature market. Written for the small business that wants to improve the management of its quality but has limited resources, time and expertise. Covering all the key areas of Quality Management in a simple jargon free way it provides both the reasons for adopting a structured approach to the management of quality and 'How to do' guidance. Broken down into three main areas, Customer Focus, Management Actions, and Processes; each essential component of these key areas is addressed in an easy to understand way. All the examples provided come from small businesses.

The second part of the book allows the reader to assess how well things are going with a simple to use self-assessment tool kit. The self -assessment can be completed before any improvements are started, identifying the weaker areas allows for an effective improvement plan to be made. It is an ideal book for someone new to quality management and is a valuable resource for beginners and experienced people alike. If it later becomes necessary for the business to progress to ISO 9001 certification then "Quality Management for the Small Business" is an ideal starting point.