The Demand Creation Process

Why a demand creation process?

The business process flow is:

The exact flow depends on the particular business model adopted. With this approach, there would be one process that creates a demand for the organizations products and services and another that fulfils that demand. These are often referred to as marketing and production but these are labels given to departments therefore we need a different term to avoid confusion. A suitable name for the  process that creates a demand might be Demand creation process. Other names might be Marketing process or Sales and Marketing Process.


Penetrates new markets and exploits existing markets with products and a promotional strategy that influences decision makers and attracts potential customers to the organization. New product development would form part of this process if the business were market driven

Process inputs

Business plan (from Mission Management process)

Capable and competent resources (from Resource Management Process)

Process Key stages (Fast food outlet)

Note: The process flow is kept simple  for illustrative purposes. The yellow boxes represent the key stages of the business process and the blue boxes represent the work processes.

Process key outputs


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