The Demand Fulfilment Process

Why a demand fulfilment process?

If a demand for the organization's products and services has been created there must be a process that fulfils this demand. This might be production but if the customer requirement is detailed in performance terms rather than in terms of a solution, it might also include product design. There are many other ways of satisfying a demand and once again to avoid using labels that are also names of departments, a suitable name might be a Demand fulfilment process. Other names might be Order to Cash Process, Product Realization Process, Production Process or Service Delivery Process.


Converts customer requirements into products and services in a manner that satisfies all stakeholders. New product development would form part of this process if the business were order driven (i.e. the order contained performance requirements for which a new product or service had to be designed).

Process inputs

Process Key stages (Fast food outlet)

Note: The process flow is kept simple  for illustrative purposes. The yellow boxes represent the key stages of the business process and the blue boxes represent the work processes

Process outputs


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