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ISO 9000 Quality Systems Handbook Additional Resources

Reference is made within the book to a Companion Website http://www.routledge.com/cw/hoyle

Routledge have had problems with the site and therefore until their satisfactory resolution the additional resources are being made available here.

Chapter 2 Comparison between 2008 and 2015 editions

Potential impact of the changes

Chapter 6 Quality

Issues with the word quality

Quality - At what cost

Chapter 8 Management System

Additional notes on the concept of a system

Evolution of definitions of a management system

Chapter 9 Process and the process approach

Evolution of definitions of process

Chapter 12 Understanding the organization and its context

  Quality and the context of the organization

Chapter 16 Processes needed for the QMS

Understanding the process approach to management

Chapter 17 Leadership and commitment

Integrating a QMS

Chapter 19 Policy

Putting Quality first

Chapter 21 Actions to address risks and opportunities

Quality and risk

Chapter 22 Quality objectives and planning to achieve them

Planning for quality

Chapter 32 Documented information

Process descriptions

Chapter 35 Requirements for products and service

Determining requirements for a Fast Food Outlet

Chapter 41 Design and development changes

Change proposal template (Word form)

Chapter 51 Control of nonconforming outputs

Nonconformity report template (Word form)

Chapter 55 Internal Audit

Management system auditing

Audit findings report template (Word form)

Chapter 58 Nonconformity and corrective act

Corrective action template (Word form)

Additional appendices

Appendix C Self-assessment

Self-assessment against the quality management principles

System assessment questions

Quality management system requirements

Appendix D System Certification

Appendix E Beyond ISO 9001 Certification

Appendix F On-line resources